Rewritable free-text output on xNT?

Sorry for such a basic question. I’m assuming that if I use the proper apps to set up an xNT, I am then able to write 888 bytes of free-text which can then be read by basically any NFC reader (newer iPhones included)?

Just want to get this right before I pick one up!

Thanks for your help.

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Yes, the apps NFC Tools and NFC Tagwriter support several types of records, including free text.

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Great, thanks so much for your help.

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Another fun thing is you can set the text but still be able to have it serve other functions. For example on the NFC tools app you can use the reuse setting to associate your tag with a profile so not only can you use it as a business card but you can also use it to change your brightness, audio profiles, or whatever else you can think of. For a period of time mine would cause my phone to sing all star using the crappy Google text to speech. It was glorious.