RFID deadbolt for under 100$$

So I’m working on a project utilizing a 40 dollar remote deadbolt, a simple 12volt relay, and the xEM access controller. Ive finished the em controller and relay I’m just waiting on the deadbolt and remotes, I’ve got a few pictures and Im working on a wiring diagram as well.

Wiring looks messy but I’ll tidy it up later

Edit- I replaced the “factory” power wires for the xEM controller to a less flimsy gauge.


Just looking at your photos, I could hear the A-team theme tune :slight_smile:

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Wiring so far

Here’s a better relay diagram

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Great stuff, The project section and Product announcements are my favourite.
I love seeing new stuff in both

Looking forward to seeing your progress


Here we have the finished project and it works great. I just wired the solenoid to the switch on the deadbolt remote, and mounted the antenna to the doorjamb.


Nice work buddy, Very productive
Lockdown suits you :wink: