Rfid diagnostic card

If my rdc doesnt work with my phone, and I cant scan my vivokey spark with the vivokey app (implant is unpacked, so I try Do this through the pack). Is it normal, or I’e a problem with NFC in my phone?

I’m not too sure about the issue with the diagnostic card, but it’s unlikely you’ll be able to scan the Spark through the plastic of the syringe.

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Unusual that the diagnostic card is not picking up your phone NFC reader, however each make and model of phone can vary the location of antenna.
A few things for you to try:-
What phone do you have? google NFC antenna location or check out THIS thread.
Make sure you take phone cover off.
do you have an access card or fob you can scan on your phone?
Try moving the diagnostic card very slowly. (my phone NFC pulses 5 x weak then one Strong)
Try it in a darkened room.
Can you try on another phone?
or an access reader or similar as they tend to put out more power.
do you have an NFC (13.56MHz) x Field detector? but the orientation of this is very important.

Also Highly unlikely that you can read an implant while still in the syringe. especially from a low power reader like a phone.

Anyway give those a try and let us know how it goes

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Make sure your phone is unlocked. When the screen is locked, Android turns off the NFC reader.

Also, well, make sure NFC is enabled in the settings. Sorry, I know, it’s obvious, but I’ve been working in customer support long enough to know silly things are often overlooked :slight_smile: