Rfid doorknob lock?

Hi! I’m looking for a doorknob with an RFID lock, preferably that works with the xEM but totally down to get a second tag if needed. I live in an apartment and am not allowed to make any lasting changes to it(I.e. drilling new holes in doors), but recent circumstances have lead me to want a lock on my bedroom door. So, I’m looking for a rfid lock that can simply replace the existing doorknob.

Do you use your xEM in HID or EM mode?

There are a few options online you can find for “rfid door lock” but a lot are junk. I’ve tested this one before and it seems to work pretty well; https://www.thequicklock.com/product-doorlock.php

This door lock only works with ISO15693 chips though, so you’ll need to get a VivoKey Spark - dngr.us/vivokey-spark

I have the xnt in my hand and i have the CES doorlock omega flex worjs perfect

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