RFID Drawer Lock - compatible?


Does anyone know if this lock is compatible with xNT.

RFID Locks for Cabinets Hidden DIY Lock - Electronic Cabinet Lock, RFID Card/Tag/Wristband Entry https://www.amazon.com/dp/B078YRG9KM


Compatible, very likely… I have tested a few of these. Unfortunately they do not have a strong enough antenna design to read any x-series tags :frowning: If you fancy creating a custom antenna, then maaayybeee it can work, but not likely.


Cool, thanks for the quick reply. I have a adafruit NFC shield and a 3d printer so will probably just make my own, but at that price it was tempting.


I bought a cabinet door / drawer lock at Ikea called Rothult: https://youtu.be/rnPl4CMmFg4
It works best with the flexNT, kinda works with the xNT / xM1 / xM1+ once you find the sweetspot, but only one at a time, not multiple additional tags simultaneously.


Interesting… thanks for sharing. I didn’t know ikea had anything like this.