RFID Drawer Lock - compatible?

Does anyone know if this lock is compatible with xNT.

RFID Locks for Cabinets Hidden DIY Lock - Electronic Cabinet Lock, RFID Card/Tag/Wristband Entry https://www.amazon.com/dp/B078YRG9KM

Compatible, very likely… I have tested a few of these. Unfortunately they do not have a strong enough antenna design to read any x-series tags :frowning: If you fancy creating a custom antenna, then maaayybeee it can work, but not likely.

Cool, thanks for the quick reply. I have a adafruit NFC shield and a 3d printer so will probably just make my own, but at that price it was tempting.

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I bought a cabinet door / drawer lock at Ikea called Rothult: https://youtu.be/rnPl4CMmFg4
It works best with the flexNT, kinda works with the xNT / xM1 / xM1+ once you find the sweetspot, but only one at a time, not multiple additional tags simultaneously.


Interesting… thanks for sharing. I didn’t know ikea had anything like this.

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Hey, were you able to use that lock in any practical manner?

How far away will it read an x series implant?

May pick one up for my desk, but idk liek to knwo how much I’d need to shave off of it to make it fit.


Does your desk already have a file cabinet style lock? This works well with an xem.


I bought this drawer unit at a local Ikea store, it is designed for the ROTHULT smart lock, the squares on the front left of the drawers are where the lock is mounted on the inside of the drawer.

Product link

@turbo2ltr no ky desk drawer didn’t come with any locks. I’d be adding one.

@Vicarious nice, may pick one of those locks up then, how far do you need to hold your implant for it to work?

I have one off thease. Can confirm it works fine but has zero range so wount read though a draw. Works great on cards

Bummer, was hoping to use it in my desk.

Apparently (claimed by manufacturer) the key fob will work at 25mm and the card will work at 45 mm.
Maybe if you remove the front face of the draw and route out a cavity to reduce the draw thickness to 5-10mm, you MIGHT be able to get your NExT to open it…
If your draw has a physical keyed lock, remove that, allowing clear air to the antenna, it may not help much, but it may be enough for the propogation/ attenuation / magic :mage: to operate
If you can open the RFID lock and remotely run the antenna…

When I was in japan I used one that would suit your purpose, with a remote antenna/handle (quite ugly though). the hole you see in the side of the handle/antenna is for a backup battery plugin
I just searched for it and it is in a similar price range.

Here is the link

Ooo! That looks promising, I assume the big metal nobby thing isbmihtbed on the outside?

If si I could liek hide that somewhere else and then unlock the drawer like that.

Thx! Now to see if I can get it in amazon.

I’m not very patient…

What drawer unit have you tried it with?
In my opinion it works best with the flexNT or flexDF.
It requires finding the sweetspot with the xNT / NExT
If possible, visit a local physical Ikea store, they should have the Idäsen drawer unit or cabinet on display with the Rothult lock mounted… try it out, bring the RFID Diagnostic Tool with you to make sure the batteries aren’t empty and the xFD Field Detector LED to find the sweetspot

Would it possibly work if you use the antenna from the access controller from the DT website?

good thinking, but not as simple as it sounds.
Antennas are tuned to work with their respective THING, you may?? get some improvement, but generally speaking the antenna the THING comes with SHOULD be the best it is capable of, without tuning a new one.
A couple of examples is the PM3 RDV4 DT LF antenna, designed by @TomHarkness after many many hours of work, if a far superior antenna (for wound antennas like the xSeries)
I have seen another example, where a xAC antenna used on something else, but it wasn’t as simple as just soldering it in place