RFID in the wild :rfid_hadouken:

This is probably not worth the thread, but let’s see where it goes… :hamster_emoji_gif:

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RFID can also be found in more likely places


I popped into a KFC today

I noticed on my way in, A Salto on the door, I was surprised to see this particular lock on a commercial premises.
Although, it probably only gets used ~twice a day
(opening and closing)

I tapped my diagnostic card to the lock, and for a battery powered device, it had a rapid duty cycle (Not recorded, but pulsed ~twice a second) and what looked to be surprisingly powerful pulse

Then I noticed a more commercial Salto reader to access the kitchen


Saw this on the locker where you leave your personal effects before entering an escape room. I thought it was the IKEA one but it’s not as square and it’s not white. Worked fine.