Rfid latch/lock issue

I posted this on another thread but realized it was a slightly different topic so I figured it wouldn’t hurt to start a new one (if I’m wrong let me know)
I just ordered this RFID cabinet lock off amazon

I used my tester card to figure out it works on HF. After that I used the orientation indicators to find the best read area and that worked. However, for some reason neither my NEXT nor my SPARK2 will read from this device. The description says you can use a FOB you already have and that you don’t need to use the cards/tags it comes with. What kind of readers can my implants be used on? I haven’t had any luck with wave ID and I don’t think prox has worked either.
Here are a couple pictures of the device up close. Does it provide any info that could explain why it won’t read my implants. Or do any of you guys have any information that could help me?

Thanks in advance :smiley:

I responded to you in the other thread, but I’ll respond here too just so it’s in the thread about it:

The M1 in the booklet indicates these are Mifare locks, which is different from the HF used in both the NExT and the Spark2. In order to use these locks, you’d need to use the xM1 (or equivalent flex models)

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Also, it’s a flat square antenna, so don’t expect great read range from the x-series implants if you do get it working


Is there anyone out there with a xm1 or flex equivalent implant that would be willing to test this and/or a similar product for me if I have it shipped to them? I would really like to get and XM1 (or flex equivalent) implant but before doing so I would like to know if the products I intend to use for my cabinet/drawer locks will perform well together with it. Please advise.

Hey Buddy, I have the same lock, and I will shortly have a FlexMT with me, So no need to send me your lock, If you give me a couple of days I can test it for you.

I did scan the tag the other day and I’m confident it will work.
The only thing is the Range and performance of the FletMT looks to be exceptional, so it is not a fair comparison to an xM1.

I also hope to get a FlexM1gen2 at the same time as the Apex release, so I can test that also, but not sure when that will be.

One other consideration, re: the range, If you are trying to read the lock with a non-optimal antenna through the thickness of the draw with the xM1, I think it may be a struggle, However, if you were to Countersink the lock or run the antenna remotely you may increase your odds.

Anyway, I will let you know how it goes in a couple of days when myFlexMT arrives

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Thank you very much! I was considering the FlexMt but the size is rather discouraging. Along with that, in my area (Eastern Kansas) I haven’t had any luck finding compatible systems that work with the XEM side of my NeXT. So, doubling down on another xem implant doesn’t seem beneficial (again, just for me). I look forward to hearing your results!

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My parcel was delivered to the wrong address; so I only just got it today.
@STUNTMAN_LUNCHBOX I can confirm at least that the FlexMT easily unlocks the M1- Lock
Range ~60mm, the factory card reads at ~80mm.
When I get a FlexM1gen2, I will test that also

I just tested it in my work desk draw,
20mm outer plus 10mm inner
The FlexMT read at ~20mm from the outer surface so total read range through the draw