RFID Linux mfuck

Hi everyone,

I am using mfuck to clone a rfid card, but each I try to read it, it generates an A key error, it looks like it can’t detect it. This is the command and the key I use.

$ sudo mfuck -C -R 0:A

And it gives this:

Key A Sectors: 0zsh: segmentation fault.

Thanks in advance.

First question is what device are you using to read/write?

Second question is are you sure the command isn’t mfcuk?

(MiFare Classic Universal Kit)

Flashbacks to that edgy French Connection UK advertising campaign :joy:

I’ve been meaning to have a play with mfcuk with my acr122u. The reason I haven’t yet is because it looks like a pain in the ass.

It seems you need an old version of libnfc for mfcuk and a newer version for mfoc.

How long are you leaving the card on? The thing I was reading said it can take several hours to get the first key with an acr122u.