Rfid locked frequency?

I don’t know if anyone else had see. This lock on amazon.


So apparently it works off of 125khz rfid tags.
But they say it will only work with there tags they sell?
Curios if anyone may know or not if those tags can be cloned and writen to a rfid tag.
Or using the current information writen to my tag that can be registered to the lock. The details and comments and questions are vauge. My thought was for them to say it will only work with there 125khz tags because they just want to sell there’s.

Maybe I need to sacrifice and buy it to experiment? I can always return it lol

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I have dozens of 125KHz t5577 tags that look identical to those, even down to the number and size of the key rings. Not saying it means anything but it’s a good sign.

It has prime free returns so you could give it a shot.

It could use similar protection to the keysey though.

It looks like a nice one.
Anyway between yourself and @leumas95 it sounds like you have a plan.

If it does work, can you let us know? We can update the product-compatibility-list, I am sure you will anyway.

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that lock body looks awfully familiar… i think this is from one of those lock companies we wanted to engage to make a VivoKey lock a long time ago. The one I have is not 125khz, it is 13.56mhz… but man… i will say right up front… the screen keypad is super touchy and the firmware in the lock reaaaaly sucks. If you get your hand anywhere near the keypad, the RFID reader shuts down immediately, so it’s almost impossible to get an implant to read simply because of the keypad’s behavior.