RFID read/writer options

Good afternoon folks,

I have just got the NExt chip implanted and would like to know if anyone can tell me some of their lower cost setups to read/write to the RFID side of the chip. I can edit the NFC side of the chip fine through my cell phone but really im looking to clone my work card (ISOProx2 HID 125khz) to my chip. Can someone please help me out ?


If you are slightly adventurous you can try to use the blue cloner. It’s a cheap $20 or so device from eBay that can copy HID tags to a T5577-based chip. Hit read near your old card. It’s optimized for cards not implants so you’ll have to pull the case apart and set the antenna parallel over your chip, touching your skin. Hit write and don’t move it until the orange LED goes out. Theoretically it should work - it did in my case. But it has a reputation to brick the tag if you don’t do it right. Cheap, but a nonzero risk.

Option 2 is a Proxmark. These are more favored because they are more reliable products that are designed for RFID diagnostics (HID, Indala, EM, NFC, Mifare Classic, HID SEOS, etc…). I think @TomHarkness is working on a special antenna for the rdv4 that would get reads and writes while the chip is still in the needle assembly. But this route is expensive, near the $300-$350 mark. But it has a much better reliability than the blue cloner.


Thanks for the reply :slight_smile: Yeah I saw those cloners but seems they don’t all operate the same hardware and do different types of cards. 300-350 $ is way out of the ball park for me right now. I was also looking into the arduino options but i don’t know of any chips to pick (if their are any). The PN532 will do the Nfc side fine but im just looking to copy my RFID card from work : / The research continues :smiley:

Be careful with the blue cloners as I believe most of them set passwords on the chip

Will do. I have found this one. I don’t know if anyone might have feedback on this one:


As there are no reviews…i’m a bit nervous…but maybe someone here has come across them and can give me some insight :slightly_smiling_face:

They do but it’s standard for all of them and well documented for the most part. If yours somehow isn’t the standard one you can always just sniff out the write command with a proxmark

I personally wouldn’t get that one. Never seen it and wouldn’t try it on a chip in my body in case it bricks it.

Alright i’ll keep looking. Thanks.

As a quick update to this, I have gotten this:

And it worked like a charm for me. Was able to make a functioning RFID tag clone and write to my chip. So another less expensive solution that might help a few. Looking into converting some of these small tag that came with the machine to some homemade rings as gifts for some colleagues.