RFID reader and the sweet spot

So every reader in the building works with my new NeXT, except this one. Any idea if there is a sweet spot or something I’m doing wrong? All the readers are ProxCard II

Have you tried your xFD to find that sweet spot?

Can you pop the cover off?

@Equipter @Jirvin you know anything about this one? IIRC you were talking about it because it’s used in the UK a lot

Looks like a GE T-500SW. I don’t have any hands on experience nor have I ever seen one in person.

Double check with the diagnostic card, those are migration readers which can have HF and LF active at the same time. Since you’re using a NExT, it might be getting confused which one to read.

I probably coulllddddd, but… we’ll see.

I’ll try the diagnostic card today.

If I could open it up, is there a way to disable the high freq side?


Yep, that will tell you what frequencies are operating.
You will also want to use your xFD to find that sweet sweet sweetspot

Does the xFD have better penetration than human flesh?

Probably one of my favorite sentences on a forum :slight_smile: