RFID Tool Kit for implants

I have a question about tools for the implants and RFID in general.
I read a lot use the Proxmark. Can anyone tell me the advantage or disadvantage of the Proxmark vs PROXGRIND CHAMELEONTINY ( ChameleonMini RevGPr)?

the main difference I would say or the biggest is the ability to deal with way more protocols with the proxmark. Both high and low frequencies. I have both and never use my chameleon. Even my reader attacks are done on the proxmark. It is easier for me as I have the proxmark rdv4 with the bt module / battery.

I will be buying a chameleon ultra as I am interested in seeing the low frequency integration they did with it and the interface looks way better then that crap UI they released with the revg. All in all between my proxmark and flipper I rarely need anything else.

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Sounds great. Thanks for the details.