RFID Toolbox ideas

I deal with unit conversions every day. I strictly work in metric, but I live in the US, so I’m willing to deal with imperial because that’s what people were taught. I can’t really blame them for it, so I’ll take the onus of conversion to a sensible unit of measurement on myself. The payback is that they always have to convert my designs to imperial, so at least there’s some reconciliation.

The only thing I can not abide is fucking “thousands”. Fuck-ing thou. Machine shop people and mechanical engineers use it. I’ve already spent countless hours mastering the conversion between mil (thousandth of an inch) and millimeters for my stupid electrical engineering industry.

Why do they have to call it something different???
1 thou = 1 mil = 0.001 in = 0.0254mm

It’s so fucking hard to communicate between our siloed industries if you call the same unit of measurement something different. gods.

</rant not over, it will never be over>


Yeah, I should have read more clearly, I can, however, think of a convoluted way of doing it.

I feel like am hindering more than helping here. :cry:
To be able to contribute, I would need to see the locking mechanism, I am assuming it works on a cam?
Regardless of that, If I felt like I needed to lock my toolbox, The first thing I would do, would be to remove the tubular lock, However, if you ever lost your key you could still very easily get in ( Under 10secs )

That’s the logo, I thought they were also in the states, I think they popular in Europe anyway.



The machine shop convention that I’ve found to trip up most people is referring to .001 as 1, as in 1 thousandth.

IE… “It was outta tolerance, but I shaved 5 off of it and now it’s good.”

Worse yet. Using money to designate.
IE…“It was outta tolerance, but I shaved a nickel off of it and now it’s good.”


Not my video, but really works for this discussion.

Please note the spring. It allows the mechanism to raise up when locked, so that a drawer can be pushed shut if it was open before locking it. WDTSF is going to exploit that, by rasing it up with a solenoid, allowing the drawers to be opened, EVEN THOUGH, the lock is still in the locked position.


Good video, So yes it uses a cam.
SO another train of thought would be taking a lineal force and converting that to rotational
or better yet a Rotary solenoid

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Nice find! I was wondering why it took so much force to raise it, that spring in there could probably be reduced.

I do want to keep the tubular lock, I don’t need actual security just want the cool factor of the rfid and the backup to get in if the batteries die.


You could also use a cable and pulleys to move the actuator / solenoid / motor someplace more convenient.

Sorry to say this but there’s a ton of options, and it’s gonna hafta be up to WDTSF to find something he’s comfortable with.

Damn straight. Nothing blows your cool like getting locked out. In public.

Trust me, I know.


Then the tubular lock is perfect :wink:

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How’s it going? Any progress?

Don’t wanna push ya, but I’m kinda super jazzed about this.

And I’ll just mention…
I don’t know if you’re on good terms with your maintence techs at work, but they could be an incredible resource. If you can get them on board.


I ordered some stuff on eBay to play with, like a mini linear actuator that has the right stroke length and size to fit in that space, but I still don’t really know much about this kind of thing. It probably won’t arrive for months. I should get the rfid access control system soon. This is going to take me a long time to put together I think. Looking at rotary servos too. I played with removing that spring entirely and it seems to self lock just fine with gravity alone, so I think a lightweight servo could work too. Wish I could find someone in the PDX area to trade skills with that can put this together for me, haha.

Oh yeah, and I’ve got an xEM with basically no hope in sight for getting it installed :joy:

Im gonna just leave this here, read watch and do :wink:


Yeah, I really would prefer someone with experience do it. Apparently it’s illegal in Oregon so I anticipate going up to Seattle eventually if there’s an event or something.


If it wasn’t for the lockdown, you’re probably just about as well sited, geographically speaking, as possible.

If it ever feels like a long road, all I can tell you is it is so incredibly worth it the first time you swipe to open.

And 3X worth it, when you do it in front of somebody who wasn’t expecting you to go all jedi mind trick on a tool box.


I didn’t realize that I was late for the party and a few others have already been here putting their brains to work on this issue.
first I would not recommend using the company swipe pass for this at all. i do believe that the DT access controller comes with a spare key fob and i would set up the system using that until the chip was implanted and programmed to the system.
now as a mechanic with an oversized and flashy Snap-On toolbox that has many sections and drawers I’m thinking an electromagnet and a spring on the opposite end. i’m not sure yet which goes where as to if the magnet should lock or unlock and the spring return to position.

with an electromagnet when the system is powered it would deactivate and the spring would push the lock bar up causing all drawers to unlock and remain that way. when the chip or fob is removed then the magnet would reactivate. the problem I see here is the distance on the striker plate from the magnet as once the power was removed there’s a potential for the magnet to lock the toolbox automatically and each time a drawer needed to be opened you would have to swipe the fob or chip to unlock it


I was thunking about this (it’s like thinking but, heavy man).

I checked the dangerous things map, and there’s nobody listed near you. The map is problematic sometimes though. You might start a thread looking for a buddy / mentor locally???

I went looking for makerspaces, and there’s three in Portland that I found. You’ll hafta wait out the GOD DAMN VIRUS, but that would be a real good resource for you. For more than one project too.

It seems like pre-virus events were happening in Seattle regularly enough. Maybe I can bribe someone with boxes of gloves and surgical masks. I’ll come prepared with a plexiglass shield with a hole cut out that I can stick my arm through… Haha :laughing:

Ive got a blue cloner from eBay and a proxmark easy from aliexpress on the way, so it’s not too urgent until I can actually mess around with cloning my work badge, probably months out on shipping. I’m so excited to see my conspiracy nut coworkers react to this :laughing:

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That’s kinda the whole point of getting the implant though, so I don’t have to carry the badge around. The toolbox is just an added benefit. Why do you say that?

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Put your Blue Cloner aside, and wait for the Easy,

You might get a surprise, from aliexpress; I ordered something recently and it took only just over a week, and something I ordered about 5 weeks ago just arrived today
PDX - WhatDoesThatStandFor?
:wink: ( sorry weak joke )
@Zectogonix is in oregon

Are / were in Portland



As a hobby, I like to find small closed minds, and drag them screaming into the light.


You might be the first person to ever get this joke that I didn’t have to prompt for them to think about it, damn. And it goes back to the usenet days.

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