RFID UHF card copying

I want to copy the uhf rfid key to the parking gate from the card (double UFH + Mifare 1k) on the UHF sticker on the windshield. The main reason is coverage.

I x-rayed the card and it looks like the UHF system is ‘Alien 9662 Higgs 3’. I bought the UHF Keller KL9005S programmer and programmable stickers. I read the EPC memory bank and programmed it on a new sticker.

The effect is that I can hear the reader at the gate trying to read the card (a ‘pic’ is heard), but the gate does not open.

I am asking you for a hint, what may be wrong. It looks like the card is not locked by password. Maybe the TID memory bank must be the same?

You are saying you purchased UHF tags that can have their UID changed? The internal memory typically doesn’t matter. It’s the UID that matters. I’ve never seen a UHF tag that you can change the UID so I’m curious if you found some.

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The datasheet is here; http://www.alientechnology.com/wp-content/uploads/Alien-Technology-Higgs-3-ALN-9662-Short.pdf

It looks like there are ID elements on the chip that cannot be changed, as @turbo2ltr indicated. Thus, you are not making a complete copy of the chip, just some of it. It would be like taking the cargo out of a UPS freight truck and putting it into a FedEx freight truck, and expecting the UPS warehouse to let you park your FedEx truck at their loading dock. It’s not the correct ID.