RFIDuino Arduino Shield

Want to level up your Arduino with impressive LF read range? The RFIDuino shield is a solid bet. You’ll have to provide your own Arduino.

I gave the thing a whirl with my flexEm. Those offended by Freedom Units might want to skip this one. I’ll circle back with proper video next time I’m at the HQ. I was just too excited about the range to keep it out of your hands :wink:

The door shown is solid wood not some silly hollow core interior thing.

The package includes:

  • RFIDuino Shield
  • RFIDuino Antenna
  • 20cm Connection Cable

Shield features:

  • Green and Red LEDs
  • Buzzer
  • XBEE Socket
  • 4 Analog Input Breakouts
  • 4 Digital I/O Breakouts
  • 1 I2C Breakout

How’s the range with an x series?

Sadly I don’t have a relevant x-series to test presently! This will be rectified and I’ll be happy to follow up.


As promised!

Looks like about 2.5cm from a NExT–about half the range of the much larger flexEM.


Very Nice Video setup and overlays


Awesome, thanks! I was thinking about pining you about this last night lol.
Is the design of the board/antenna open sourced anywhere? I can’t find too much documentation on it

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Is the design of the board/antenna open sourced anywhere?

To the best of my knowledge, no. The company that produced them no longer makes them so once we’re out, they’re likely gone for good. That being said, we’ve got a fair number on hand.

Was there anything in particular you wanted to know?

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Nothing in particular thanks. Frankly I was hoping to look at their antenna design, it would be interesting to roll my own shield/access controller. I’d like something with a few built-in photorelays for triggering buttons on a remote/key fob.

Ah, yeah, I don’t think we’re likely to find it. But if it happens, I’ll shoot you a DM.

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If you want to handle the rest of the design I’d be willing to help you out with the antenna. It may take 2 or 3 tries but rigid pcbs aren’t that expensive.


That’d be fantastic. Thanks! I’m totally fine paying for a few PCB revisions. Let me know how you’d like to approach this