Riding A Motorcycle After an Install

So to start off with this is not advice just my experience, also i am bad at grammar so bare with me.
So about a month ago I got my first implant a titain in the knife edge of my left hand. I got it installed by Leo in Orland fl he did a great job and I felt almost no pain, and he put one stich in it since I was riding home, as he was conserd it might vibrate out.
But on to the story,
So due to limited money I road my motorcycle to down to fl to get it done, because my truck gets 0 to the gal, and stayed at a state park outside of Daytona. I mean I drove all the way to Florida might as well go to the beach :). So after getting it installed I drove 3 hours to my camp sight. Then got up the next morning and drove 9 hours home. The only problems I ran into was about 10 minutes after leaving. I got dazed and mixed up my clutch and break leaver causing my to come closer than I would like to rear ending a car at a stop light; but pushed on and had no problems one I got on the highway. I made it back to my camp site made sure it was rapped up good and went to bed. Riding the 9 hours home the next day I experience no problems and only had pain when taking off and putting in my glove to pump gas, but no pain when shifting gears. In the end I made it home safe and it has healed up nicely. I wish it was more sensitive but I was to much of a wuss to want to get It in my finger so I have nobody to Blame on that front but myself. So for the record mabye don’t ride within 30 minutes of an install but the next day you should be good. Again not advice just my take on the matter.


Great report and your grammar is :ok_hand:

I rode back from an install too (~1h ride with an off road section at the end) . The install was an xSIID in between metacarpals and an xG3 on the thumb edge.
It was mildly annoying rather than painful and over all was ok.
The one thing is I usually keep my hand elevated at shoulder height for a day after every install, especially for flexes. It reduces blood pressure and results in zero swelling or bleeding and a much faster recovery. In this instance I couldn’t do that obviously so there was a little bleeding in the bandage and slightly more inflammation than usual.


Where do you mean by thumb edge?

Medically I think you would describe it as the thing that looks like a chicken leg.
Possibly P -1?
The part you would definitely not karate chop with unless you’re hitting yourself which I do not recommend, especially with an xG3 in that spot.
The opposite of the knife edge, less edgy or knifey, more like the round side.