Ring size not offered?

I’m trying to buy the magic mifare 1k ring in size 14/15 based on the ring sizing chart but I dont see those options. Are these sizes available?

Lol I just realized my printer was calibrated wrong and I tried again and got a 12. I’ll get the 12, and hopefully that fits. If it doesn’t, though, am I out of luck on a larger size?

You could go to a local jeweler or jewelery department of a store and ask to have your finger sized. Most jewelery departments have gauges of different sizes that you can try for free if you’re not sure.

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What if it is too small? Are there larger sizes?

We don’t have larger sizes at the moment but we are working on a new magic ring design that will come in 13 and 14

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i want to buy the magic ring but cant figure out my size exactly… i used an online ring sizer that says it is 12 but i am not sure if it is accurate. Does it have to be very precise? Can I return if the ring does not fit correctly?




get an xMagic



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thats gonna be out of my budget… but thanks. :+1:

i really did not want to go to a shop and not buy anything LOL :sweat_smile:… but I think that’s what i am gonna do now… thanks for guiding!

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