RIP my VivoKey Apex Flex

How to dox yourself in 5 seconds or less[SUPER EASY TUTORIAL]

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Or advertising your company lol
Better to dox your company than yourself in this instance.

ooooo they make some cool scientific equipment though. Precise liquid dispensers and stuff.

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You are a nobhead.

It’s easy for anybody who wants to find me to find me. So what?

Dude is angry he doxxed himself and people are pointing it out. We just didn’t wanna see u accidentally leak your personal info to the world. No need to be mad about it.

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Was just trying to be courteous in case you didn’t want that info out there. I’ve made that mistake uploading an image, then going back and editing out sensitive info.


I wasn’t calling you a nobhead. Chuckie Cheese is a nobhead. You were courteous and I appreciate your comments, but they are irrelevant as I pointed out to you

If you’re going to call me a nobhead at least get my name right!

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I did - it’s “nobhead” Chuckie. Thanks for your input now why don’t you disengage from the grown ups so I can concentrate on getting this broken device out of my hand.

We were just trying to be nice in case you didn’t want that info. As you don’t mind that info being out there: proceeds to disengage

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I appreciate your response @invalid_signal however whilst YOU might have been trying to be nice @ChuckyCheegles was just being an insulting dick.

And to confirm. There’s nothing in that order I am concerned about except I haven’t been able to get a response from @amal about the broken device in my hand for months and I’m now starting to get pissed off about it. Which I think is understandable n’est ce pas ???

My man snapping at people on the internet for using internet humor.


This is why I left the LKML. Nobheads being rude and thinking they are funny

Ah. The joy of the mute button.

It hasn’t been 1 month let alone months.
Amal is a very busy person. For some reason your first reply to the confirmation email was not received, Amal said reply to it again an hour ago. Deep breaths and let things play out. Nobody is trying to be rude, just helpful with a light hearted joke.

I don’t think he likes me.


Please could you not make factual statements about things you don’t understand. This is not the only channel I’ve been communicating these problems on and is in fact a fallback channel as I’m not getting any responses elsewhere.

Why not apologise for implicitly suggesting I’m a liar and disengage so I can actually speak to the person who sold me the tech that’s now sitting inside my hand broken so I can work on getting it out?

Please. Just stop trying to “help” as you’re both incorrect and insulting me

Damn mute doesn’t work. Damn straight kiddo.

Can you just chill and dont escalate it further?

I’m sure amal will respond to your ticket asap, its all on its way, no reason to take this on here. Just ignore each other or whatever.

Amal responded here and I’m sure he got the ticket now.

The ticket system had some issues if I recall it right but now it seems like amal is on the case.

Peace and love my fellow cyborgs, peace and love

And now shhhhhhhhhh