RIP RFIDtools for Android, Long live termux with pm3 build from source

Long story short

If someone has the skillset to revive the project, it would be great, otherwise it would rest in pieces.
Currently the build in Android studio is broken, and noone really cares about the repo and it’s content.

I will be trying this Raspberry Pi-Tail Zero 2 W | Kali Linux Documentation as a mid layer between the pm3 blueshark and my phone.

Wut? Use termux, it’s on the documentation for pm3


Yeah it’s super sad

No I mean RFIDtools has been depreciated for pm3 for ages. Use termux.

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I should read documentation more often :man_facepalming:

Which one do you use? There seems to be a few on Android

Dope! Thanks a lot @Equipter !

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@Hamspiced just follow the docu @Equipter shared.
Install F-Droid then termux
aftrerwards pkg update, then proceed with install steps - installing compiler and deps, cloning the repo and build the client. Because I do not have root on my phone, I also needed the TCP/BT UART bridge app. Install it and set it up as document suggests. Open tcp server with listening port on device A and select bt device/the blueshark on device b. Then go back in the termux and connect the client to the tcp listening port on localhost. Open a beer and enjoy the show!


it literally is that simple. I just finished up the install on my s23 ultra a couple days ago. FINALLY got away from iPhone and immediately remembered why I preferred android all those years. Works great with termux.