Sad Day: Removing an Implant

I have to pull my xG3 due to some MRIs coming up next week (3T MRI for those curious).

I’m waiting for my doctor to get back to me in hopes that she’ll be able to do it, but it’s very possible she’s not going to be able to get me in on time.

Any ideas how I can do this myself? It’s the back of my hand in position 1L. I’m going to stop by a surgical store and pick up a scalpel to do it to minimize the potential problems and pain from insufficiently sharp knives, but I’d like to do it as easily and safely as possible.

Obviously I’m going to replace it once the MRI is done, but that will have to wait until I talk to Amal about either sterilizing it properly or replacing it entirely.

Out of curiosity as a side note, I almost certainly won’t go that route, but if, for example, I wrapped my hand in paper tape to prevent movement, would that possibly be enough to do it safely?


Get a scalpel, ideally #15 blade and a large magnet (magnet not nessicary but will make it easier).

Push implant so you can see the end bulge under the skin and mark it with a sharpy or similar as close to the center of the small end (straight over the tip).

Numb with ice or something similar.

Cut along mark and either use the big magnet to push / pull it out or push the end of the implant as before and it should pop out of the hole.


Oooooh, using another magnet to help extract it, that’s genius, and so simple! Thanks, @Devilclarke!

Fortunately because of where it sits right now, it’s VERY prominent on the back of my hand, so finding it is no challenge at all, no marking needed. I just worry about doing something dumb like cutting too deep or what have you.

Now I just need to figure out what to do with the old one, presuming that Amal won’t want it as an exchange, lol. Maybe one of those vial necklaces.

I would also provide this information to whomever is going to do the extraction

If you do use a magnet :magnet: to assist in the extraction, be very careful not to damage your xG3 with it.
although by the sounds of it, you shouldn’t need one for your placement.

I hope whatever the reason for needing an MRI is not too serious and that you recover well from it :+1:


Thank you! I’ve got bilateral talocalcaneal coalitions, so following a nasty sprain, I’m finally evaluating having them taken care of. Catch is, one option is good but possibly risky, the other is awful with lengthy recovery times, but it something of a sure thing.



I wouldn’t agree 100% with the Ice Numbing, agree with the other stuff - try to work clean, do a good hand wash.

Freezing the Skin can cause some complications, the skin will shrink/pull together, it will change the condition of the skin and im not sure if you want to cut it then.

I wouldn’t do ice numbing If it can be avoided.


IM NOT A DOCTOR, just some random Idiot from the Internet.


Aren’t we all???


Thanks. I’ll probably avoid it just based on sterility considerations.

If you are worried about the pain, and it really is that shallow then lidocaine would help. When you buy a scalpel you can buy sterile or non-sterile blades. I won’t tell you which one to buy but you should make sure.

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I wouldn’t have imagined that non-sterile was an option from a surgical supply, so thanks for the tip.

Using ice or even over the counter freezing sprays would be fine. Numb it, Mark then sterilise would be fine.

You definitely do not want to freeze it thats for sure. TBH you can do it completely without numbing but that’s up to personal preference.


Totally agree
You could just take some of these and you will be fine


Having put all five of my current implants in, lol, the only consideration for pain is so I don’t chicken out trying to pull it out! lol


If you have an autoclave then it really doesn’t matter if you buy non-sterile, put them in the handle then autoclave it.

I buy non-sterile for crafts, but they are made by the same manufacturer.

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Your bottle is wrong… It claims no medicinal effect, but the placebo effect works even if you know it is a placebo. :unicorn_shock_surprise:

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Put a cloth or something over the large magnet to protect from the xG3 flying at it and cracking the glass on the hard magnet surface… this can happen.


Oh wow, good point.

Good to know, I’m considering removing my v1 to upgrade to a v2, but I don’t think I want to ruin the v1 in case I do decide to do a finger install later

@amal, any thoughts or advice on a remove and replace at the same time into the same pocket? Or is that a bad idea and let it fully heal first

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Same pocket question gets a 50/50 from professionals I’ve asked.