Safely writing to xSIID

so, after a month and a half of buildup and planning, my xSIID was installed (in the usual spot) last night. there was a bit of a scare when the needle almost pierced back out the other side, but now the chip is in place and doesn’t hurt at all.

i was able to successfully scan it several times, which was tricky through the big ole band aid, and saw that it directs to the URL of the product page for the xSIID.

since it’s already been programmed with this, is it still recommended to use the Dangerous Things app to protect the vulnerable bits? or has that already been done??

overall, i’m gonna wait a few more days to try writing anything to it, but when i do, what’s the first step to take?

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I’ve had mine about 3 weeks now, I have NOT used the dangerous thing app to lock/protect it as I dont really feel the need to.

I have written to it multiple times using nxp tagwriter and nfc tool/ pro without any issues. Well except that no tool seems to write over 1k actually around 900bytes properly but this is noted on the purchase page so is not a suprise.

What colour you go for?

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oh, great, thank you!! once it’s a bit more healed up i’ll do my first write.

i got the blue one :^) this morning, in a pitch dark room, i saw it glow for the first time, which was an awesome experience. which one did you go for?

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Yeah it’s cool, I can see it now the swelling has gone down even i a bright room. The catch 22 is that 99% of the time it is read it will be covered by the reader. Its between 2and and 3rd metacarple.

I got green, cost way too much (according to my partner) worth every penny.


wow, that looks sweet!! i can’t wait till i can do that.
personally, i’m betting this will be my only implant, so i figured i’d either go big or go home. (that’s my justification for the price)


Hopefully DT are making some headway with NXP, I mean 1k is awesome, but 2k, well that is…twice as awesome :laughing:

Did you see The Cyborg Transformation Kit for only $50??? Just sayin’

Cough - Apex out in a couple / few months - Cough

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