Salto Systems with NExT chip

I recently purchased a NExT chip to use it with our company’s door system from Salto. I would love to check first, if the Chip is compatible with our Lock, but it can’t be read in the sterile package. Maybe someone already used his NExT to try that out? If I try to use the read/write unit from Salto to create new tags, the NExT can’t be found. The same issue with my phone. Does anyone know, if the NExT can be used for a Salto System, or do I need to use another Chip ? Maybe I need the Magic Mifare 1k instead ?

There are 3 Saltos in the Spreasheet currently

is yours in there?

this is more likely the better option.

For ease of use:

Best choice being the FlexMT…the install being the most challanging

I would suggest a FlexM1 as your 2nd best option with an “easy” install

An xMagic would be the easiest install, but the readability COULD be tricky

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Why could the xM1 be tricky ? I wouldn’t prefer a flex because i would need to make a way bigger incision. The needle method is way more suitable for me.
I’m pretty new with RFID technology, I’m able to program our tags with the original hardware from salto. Is it possible to write the Implantat just like a key fob ? Or do I need to clone one ?
I found some of our locks in the xml file. There it is said xMagic is working fine if I see it right. We do have the XS4 from Salto once for example. The other lock is marked orange with the letters TBC i think this stands for to be checked…

The xM1 is no longer in stock.
The replacement equivalent is the xMagic

The FlexM1 (if that’s what you were referring to) is VERY different, The blue font is a hyperlink, just click to follow.
This is what it looks like.


Pretty sure you can work out why the install would be tricky.

BUT the performance is AMAZING

I ordered a xMagic dual chip.
This one :
. Here at home I already have a NExT still in the sterile package.
I’m a bit anxious, inserting a chip I can’t use

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