SALTO XS4 Lock System


Where I live they are currently installing the SALTO XS4 Lock System. The people working on the locks are very positive to replacing my keyfob with my implant but they want me to show that my chip is recognized before they can add it to the system. I live in a corridor and on the outside they use the XS4 modular WR, to my corridor door they use the XS4 Original WR narrow and to my apartment door the XS4 Wall Reader. I have the xNT in my hand.

The thing is that the readers react differently to my chip. For example, the outside modular WR reader recognizes it and gives my a red signal. Some of the narrow readers also give me a red signal but not the one to my corridor. None of the apartment locks inside my corridor react to my chip, but they all react to other NFC cards that I have that are of the type Mifare 1k. What I don’t understand is why they would react to cards of the Mifare 1k type, but not to my chip or any of the other NFC cards of other types that I have in my wallet (bank cards for example). Since they are all 13.56 MHz, shouldn’t they all be recognized? And how come some of the readers recognize the chip in my hand, but not all of them?

No, because all 13.56MHz cards use different communication protocols. The readers are probably powering the chips in all your devices, but they are not getting the response they expected so they’re not even reacting. If there readers are intended to work with MIFARE 1k cards, then that’s what you need to give them. The xM1 can emulate that card type, but the xNT cannot.

According to the website they can use MIFARE® (DESFire EV1, Plus, Ultralight C, Classic - ISO/IEC 14443).

Sounds like you need an xM1

Basically there are three reasons a reader might not react;

  1. the chip is incompatible and doesn’t actually read.

  2. the reader reads the chip but at the application level it’s not compatible, or not authorized and the reader application is configured such that readers are purposely not responding.

  3. the chip is compatible and the reader is configured to respond, but the antenna design isn’t great and can’t successfully power the implant.

Have you used the xLED on the readers which don’t show a.response?