Samsung DH537 Mortise Lock - Mifare Classic 1k - works!

Just wanted to post a quick note that these beefy locks are functioning well with a Mifare Classic implant I have but wanted to make people aware that they DO look at more than the UID. It’s not as simple as copying one of the Samsung brand tags because if you look at the hex for them sector 10 is unreadable. This means when you copy the tag sector 10 won’t be copied over. The tag will attempt to scan when the door is locked, but won’t even be recognized when attempting to register as a key. The solution I found was to set all the sector keys to FF:FF:FF:FF:FF:FF or use a program like “Mifare Classic Tool” for Android to reset the tag to the factory default.



Thaks very Much, I will add that to the Matrix Sheet and a link to your post