Samsung Ezon Problem

My lock is getting stuck about halfway through its rotation, both locking and unlocking. It makes a weird grinding/rattling noise and then returns to it’s previous position. It’s easy to turn the deadbolt manually. Anyone know how to fix it?

I don’t like that it sounds like the gears are worn out and slipping… But there should be no friction at all between the teeth of gears that are designed properly.

Maybe someone has a better answer.


It could be that one of the planetary gears went crooked and it’s not gripping. Need to crack it open and take a look at the internals

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heres what it should lok like ( Thanks @turbo2ltr and sorry )

Feel free to upload pictures and/ or another video to share with the hive mind for a diagnosis

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Detached from the bolt it sounds like the video below. Once I put it on the deadbolt it goes back to that grinding. Kinda seems like the deadbolt is sticking somehow. Humidity is way up right now and I have problems with another [very old] door knob in the house. Thoughts?

None of these parts looked stripped though

Take off the back cover and check these gears. Looks like they aren’t engaging

Ha, you beat me to it,

It might also be worth watching the video frame by frame

Unfortunately I don’t have a screw driver small enough to open this up

Weird. I thought the days of hunting for the right codecs and hoping it was in the K-Lite codec pack were behind us. lol.

Plays fine in Media Player Classic.

The motors are not very strong. If there is any rubbing of the bolt on the hole, it will cause issues. I’ve had issues when the humidity increases, the wood in the door swells just enough to make the bolt rub a little and I have to lean on the door to unbind it enough to get the bolt to move.

What happens if you apply slight resistance with your fingers to the part that is turning? Does it feel like it’s more than what you you need to manually operate the bolt when installed?

I’ve had this kind of problem on many Samsung Ezon locks. I think the bolt is getting bound and the motor cannot overcome the friction so it thinks the lock is not aligned and retracts the bolt.

The first thing you should do is put some lubrication on the bolt. Work the bolt back and forth manually so that it’s fully lubricated internally.

The next thing you should do is adjust the tension on the three mount screws that hold the back plate to the front plate. If they are too tight then you will create a binding friction on the bolt rotation mechanism. The plates that mount the lock to the door should have just enough tension to keep the lock firmly on the door but not so much that it creates an alignment problem for the rotator pin that extends from the lock mechanical actuator to the bolt itself.

Oh dang it… I just saw the video. Yeah that seems like a problem with the gear that actuates the rotator. To find out what’s going on you might have to take it apart further and see if there’s any broken parts or something has come off of a post.

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What did I miss? It does make a sound like it’s got a missing tooth but didn’t see anything, seemed to be working perfectly fine.

Chances are a screw holding a gear in place is loose and so it’s not skimming a tooth it’s just like running underneath the gear… at least that’s what it seems like to me.

Thanks all. I’ve got a temp lock to put on while I try to take this apart further. If this isn’t something I can fix, can anyone recommend a good replacement that’s compatible with the xNT? I’m rather fond of this style lock.

have you checked

Briefly. I’m a little confused why the flexNT would work for some but the xNT won’t. Honestly it seems like unless I get the same lock I’m kinda screwed

I don’t see that anywhere in the doc but I assume it would have to do with range. Flexes are much easier to read for weak readers.