Samsung lock 2920 compatible?

So I just recently got my tag installed in my left hand. Everything went great and it’s working really well with my S7 edge. I love it.

That said my wife got excited and ordered the Samsung 2920 dead bolt lock for me and I can’t find anything telling me whether or not it can work with my implant and if it can how to do so? Does anyone have any experience with this lock and got it to work? Perhaps recommend another samsung lock that works? I have the ntag216 btw

Thanks in advance for anything you can tell me.


Hey Kevin,

Sorry to say, the 2920 does not work with the xNT or flexNT… it only works with Mifare S50 1k “classic” tags.

Here is a “snapshot in time” of the things that have been tested to work and things that don’t - … I am working to get this list migrated to our product compatibility page shortly.

Awesome! Thank you so much. Looks like we will be returning the 2920 and getting one of the other ones that is known to work.

Thank you again!


So in the snapshot the space for the SHS-3321 is blank, but it appears in the product compatibility list. Can you clarify?

yeah the SHS-3321 will work just fine. It’s a slightly altered version of the SHS-3320 but the internals are the same.

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