Samsung NeXT compatible

Scoured the google doc table
Is this the correct lock that the document references

I believe the sheet says 3320 not 3321 that’s why I’m asking don’t want to waste 179
Thanks in advance everyone

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If I remember correctly… I skimmed that thread a while ago

I believe Samsung stupidly did a firmware update or something that rendered it useless for implants

Could be wrong, in which case Cochran’s law will take effect and someone will correct me

Stupid is relative. We probably fly way under Samsung’s radar.

Are we talking the theorem relating to the probability distribution of statistics used in the analysis of variance or “If it doesn’t fit, you must acquit”? :thinking:

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basically yes there is no way to know if the firmware is of the newer type which only supports Mifare classic (xM1 or flexM1) or the older one which supports a wider range of ISO14443A chip types.

I was actually referring to Cunningham’s law, but I figured I’d intentionally call it something wrong, but that joke seems to have gone flat