Samsung s-10 ISO14443-A tag?

Can any one else scan there Samsung phones on HF card reader and come up with a ISO14443-A tag even with the power to the phone off? I went to move my phone and set it on my KBR1 and it scanned so I got to playing with it proxmark reads it as a ISO14443-A.

My Samsung s-20 scans as well with only a 10 digit UID that changes with each scan, but I cant seem to get the proxmark to detect and it wont scan if its off. Like my s-10 does.

I have been trying to find info online but you can imagine that search gets mucked down with “how to scan nfc with your phone results”

I am assuming it is just part of the Samsung pay, Google pay the phones are capable of but the scanning even when the phone is off is what peaked my interest.

Samsung pay let’s you use it up to 10 times when it’s offline so maybe it has something to do with that

This is called HCE (host card emulation) and it’s a function of the NFC reader chip and Android OS.

Thank you amal I figured it was something like that. I just did not expect a card read when the phone was powered off.

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Is it actually powered off, or is it 1) sleeping, 2) “powered off”, or 3) battery removed. Most phones have NFC circuitry that will continue to work for HCE and sometimes payment even if no power is supplied to the phone (condition 3), some do still function in condition 2 as there is “background power” available, and usually the cheaper hardware only supports condition 1.

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Truth its powered down, but that does not mean its off in this day and age.

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