Samung S8 VS HTC U11 - xNT NFC Tag [NTAG216]

Hello !

I’m disapointed, with my last Samsung S8, i can unlock my phone with my chip ( when i use the smart lock on the phone ). But on my new HTC U11, ( The Samsung is dead ) on the smat lock option we cannot add the NFC Tag. Have you an another solution ? I use my chip for that on first :frowning:

Thank you!


Yeah this is an Android issue, not necessarily the phone you’re using… There are “nfc lock apps” on the app store but unless you are using a rooted phone and an app that uses that root access to actually interact with the phone’s security platform, you are just playing a peekaboo game with the OS. These lesser lock apps will simply attempt to put a smokescreen overtop of any other window you try to open on the phone… but the phone is not actually locked. There are plenty of work-arounds an attacker could use to get past these wannabe lock apps.

Hi, I spent a bunch of time with OnePlus tech support on this same issue. Amal is correct that Android doesn’t support NFC unlock. Smartlock is only for keeping your phone from relocking once you have unlocked it via pin, FP, etc. OP tech did tell me that it was possible to implement NFC unlock via root and installing xposed. I didn’t persue it any farther than that because I wasn’t interested in rooting my phone.

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