Sand sized implant?

Is this a typo in the article? The size of a grain of sand?

If not, would each of those have their own UID and nothing else pretty much? Is anything like this available? I feel it would work great with task to have several tiny little implants with their own UID. (Right?)

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Watching the small video they had on the article, I feel like ‘grain of sand’ is more than likely just an over exaggeration for a sorta shocking effect for the reader.

One day though, I’m sure that’ll no longer be an exaggeration!

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On a work computer, video won’t load. Thanks for that. They got my hopes up!

If it help’s sedate your curiosity, it just looks like a standard RFID Implant.

Here’s a snapshot from the video; if it loads for you.


Yeah it’s an X form factor chip. Possibly not a DT chip as it was not in an injector. It’s a NFC chip of some sort with 1k of storage and he’s using to store a gif or a url to a gif as ndef data.

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That did! I only wish there was a banana for scale.

It does appear smaller, just not sure by how much.

you ask; and you shall receive

(not to proper scale if you couldn’t tell)


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Tbh the guy probably got muddled up between “grain of sand” and the more accurate/common “grain of rice”


Was my guess, the site just wouldn’t load here at work.

It would be a common mistake. Especially if the person themselves writing it didn’t have full experience with the tech. The article was more than likely written by someone who was just briefed on vaguely what to write about.


Actually he said “grain of sand” in the video. I think they essentially quoted him and if you’re not used to interviews it’s easy to get words mixed up.


Anyway, I’d say it’s not best to really get mixed up in the whole semantics of it. But looking back on the article, holy hell that was seven years ago!

If I read that article seven years ago, I honestly wouldn’t believe it. Feels strange to see how far we’ve came. And, how this sorta stuff is becoming more mainstream by the year.


Lol sorry, us programmers are particularly guilty of being caught up in semantics.

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Coarse sand maybe? :slight_smile:

It’s actually an xNT. Anthony went to a pro who was more comfortable using their own install methods.

Actually, this is where proper terminology clashes with “marketing speak” which is almost always incorrect. If we are speaking accurately, the “chip” is just the silicon IC inside the “tag”, which is the entire form factor. The “tag” is like a huge ass grain of rice, but the “chip” inside is actually about the size of a grain of sand. Unfortunately “marketing speak” is also “layman terms” and “a chip” is thought to be the entire form factor, when it’s actually not… so in reality, he was being correct and accurate with his description. In fact, I made that exact distinction in conversation with him and I think he tried to convey it, but of course it was hacked and edited and all meaningful context was removed until it sounds like he doesn’t know what he’s talking about.


I did a TV interview when I was younger and that happened to me. In a way it was a great experience for me because I got a ver hands on lesson about how easy it is to manipulate the naritive of interviews in post.