Satochip app on NFC ring

it’s so crazy

If you ask @amal, you might be able to strike a deal for a chip.

We are also planning to relese the Sato applets for the Vivokey ecosystem.


“We are also planning to relese the Sato applets for the Vivokey ecosystem.”

there are three applications (applets) GitHub - 3rdIteration/Satochip-DIY: A collection of documentation and guides for building and flashing Satochip, Seedkeeper and Satodime Javacard based Crypto Hardware Devices
Official release from Satochip (wallet)

Seedkeeper official release (Seedphrase storage solution)

Satodime official release (cryptographic bearer card)

“If you ask @amal, you might be able to strike a deal for a chip” Realy ? it’s really crazy @amal

Options coming soon.


Where is détails about thoses great
applets from : flexsecure-applets

I’m not quite sure what you are asking.

This is where you will find the Applets that ate publically available.

Which applet(s) are you after specifically?

I just saw your deleted message.

I’m not fully across it, but I believe Fido 2 for the Flex Secure is still under testing.
(Which you can join)

ALSO, are you on Android or iOS?
I think, as usual, apple aren’t playing nice with others.

Anyway, to get you started,
Heres some relevant thread with some applet information.

Correct, there will be an announcement within the next week(s).

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Good news, Satochip and Vivokey have negotiated an official partnership. See For business - Satochip and .

Starting now, the Satochip and Seedkeeper applets are available via Fidesmo for the Apex. Satodime will not be available for the time being, due to usage and lock-out concerns on NFC-only platforms.


Some set-up info for the curious

Satochip-DIY Documentation Repo:

The FlexSecure is even mentioned

Thank you! Time to test this!

I’ve installed the applet from fidesmo but then when trying to read it with my phone and satodime I am getting the following error

I guess that’s the reason
“Satodime will not be available for the time being, due to usage and lock-out concerns on NFC-only platforms.”
What are those usage and lock-out concerns, @StarGate01 ?

Satochip (the company) has 3 applets; Satochip (the wallet applet), seedkeeper, and satodime (giftable wallet).

We don’t have or publish the Satodime applet.

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Oh okay, sounds like I’ve misunderstood.
Any recommendation for Android wallet that integrates good with satochip applet ?

Satochip offers three distinct applets:

Satochip, a hardware wallet. See Quickstart - Satochip - Satochip for how to set it up with clients like Electrum, Metamask and more.

Seedkeeper, a secure passphrase and seedphrase storage. See Quickstart - Seedkeeper - Satochip for how to set it up with the Seedkeeper tool.

Satodime, a cold / bearer wallet. See Quickstart - Satodime - Satochip for how to set it up. This applet has a recovery protocol, which is only active on the contact interface, not the contactless one. This is to prevent someone in public from just skimming your NFC card for keys. As the Apex has no contact interface, this applet is not yet release for the Apex until a suitable solution has been figured out. Flexsecure users are welcome to test on their own risk. Essentially Satodime is a finders-keepers money store, similar to a paper bill. Satochip advised us (and we agree) that this kind of applet is not really suitable for werables which you don’t want to pass around like a money bill (especially implants).

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For Satodime becarful for using NFC "only " : Satodime, ownership explained - Satochip


So the Satochip Apex Applet is fully functional with their desktop wallet software? Wallets cannot be accessed on Android?

You can ask here : Telegram: Contact @Satochip your questions, tg is very active

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satochip wallet can be used via a computer and an android application is planned for Q1 /2024.
Satodime is a desktop and mobile application.
Seedkeeper is a desktop application and mobile aplication should arrive T1 / 2024 too