Satochip app on NFC ring


After looking at this:

So I came across your site :slight_smile:

Do you think it’s possible to configure the Satochip applet on an NFC ring as you suggest? that would be great :slight_smile:

a ring with a J3R180 is it possible ?

J3R180 is a Java card smartcard chip. Even if it was something we could make, you would not be able to copy the secure applications from a source chip to the ring.

This is what they proclaim their company is all about;

Our vision
Regardless of your origins, beliefs, frequency of use, or the blockchain you’re on. Whether you’re on a smartphone, a laptop, in a bus, on a plane, or even running a marathon, exchanging Bitcoin, or wanting to authenticate yourself by signing a transaction with your private key – we believe you should be able to manage your cryptographic assets autonomously with a high level of security.

Our values

Inclusion: everyone should be able to secure their cryptographic assets with a dedicated equipment.

Accessibility: whether you’re in Africa, Europe, Asia, or anywhere else, you should be able to access this equipment and its software solutions – physically, financially, legally, and otherwise.

Autonomy: everyone should possess the necessary tools (hardware, software, knowledges) to hold their crypto-assets autonomously.

Individual freedom: providing the necessary tools for individual autonomy in private key management.

I can’t find any information on who runs the company or who the CEO is or anything like that. My bet though is that if I reached out and I said hey I want to license the Satochip applet for Apex-based products, these ideals would fly right out the window.

So often, lofty goals and ideals like this are only adhered to under a strict scope - I want the world to be saved! (As long as I’m the the one saving it.)

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I’m not so sure and it’s all opensource. Unless you have a product (a ring) that would be comptabile for me to install the applet? the CEO has a ring with the satochip applet “satodime”.

Otherwise I’m enjoying :slight_smile: but which ring could host the following applets : :Releases · DangerousThings/flexsecure-applets · GitHub? thanks in advance

sorry my english is approximate

I found the repositories

bot of which seems to affiliated with . I am not sure which one would be the correct one though.

If @amal wants to offer these, I can add to the flexsecure-applets as well as to the Fidesmo store. The repositories are licensed under the AGPL, which is fine.


Yeah let’s explore this

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BYTE_AID= {0x53,0x61,0x74,0x6f,0x43,0x68,0x69,0x70}; //SatoChip

the satodime applet :slight_smile: : GitHub - Toporin/Satodime-Applet: The open-source bearer crypto card -

I’m a beginner but I’d like some help to get around with a ring containing satochip: satodime (applet). Could you tell me what to do? Thanks again, you’re great :slight_smile:

Will it be possible to have it on a Magic Ring? can we then choose the applets we want on the ring? easily.

unfortunately not buddy.
The Magic Ring uses a Mifare Classic 1k Chip and is not capable of what you are wanting to do.

I have 2 suggestions for you

Get yourself a FlexSecure
Source a P71 chip and build your own ring

Check out printables or thingiverse for an NFC ring file

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P71 chip and build your own ring have you got link to see whatlook like ?

something like these

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And regarding the chip P71 i can find this where ? have you got ref ? link ? :slight_smile:

thank’s but how can i put smart card in a ring :slight_smile:


and some Acetone.

Disolve the plastic

Reuse the antenna wire for your ring antenna



yes great i want one :kissing_heart: