Save Bitcoin Seed NTAG216(NExT)

I’m contemplating how secure it would be to store my seed encrypted with a 26-character PGP password that includes uppercase, lowercase, special characters, and numbers on my NTAG216(NExT) implant.

Information being saved to the tag as text,

-----END PGP MESSAGE-----)

The wallet is completely offline, and I have other backup solutions in place. Still, it would be convenient to have the wallet with me in case something happens.

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You can also use BIP38, it’s specifically designed for Bitcoin and is supported by Mycelium and other apps. It should be easier to use than PGP for this use case.

The seed is BIP38, but with PGP encryption so that the text is not readable without my password.
Am I missing anything?

And I will encrypt the information on my offline Tails to avoid entering the seed on an online device, such as a mobile phone, to write the information to the chip.

Why not turn it around and use the pgp applet on the apex to decrypt the key which can be stored anywhere else… rent a billboard and put it on that even… the only way to practically decrypt it would be to run it through the apex implant pgp applet.

Openkeycha can do basic encryption decryption.

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You can use this applet : Releases · Toporin/Seedkeeper-Applet · GitHub

I unfortunately don’t have any Java or Apex implants.

That’s a simple problem to solve. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

BIP38 or any other strong encryption algorithm should be enough.