Scalpel Type uses?

So I have a xg3 i need to remove due to the safety recall, and i was wondering which scalpel to get as well as the different use cases. The dangerous things website doesn’t have a description for them.

Find a professional to do it for you and they will know what to use. Any general practitioner can do it, it’s a very simple procedure.


I just moved cross country and switched jobs. I don’t currently have health care. I’m very confident in my ability to do it myself.
Edit. I’m going to order #11for its use case and size. My xg3 is in spot #2.

Vasovagal reactions are no joke especially when you’re cutting yourself. You’re hardwired not to harm yourself, this goes against that and makes it difficult in ways you don’t understand until you are doing it. It’s possible, yes, but it comes with very high risk vs finding a professional. You do you my friend, I just advise caution. Even without insurance a general practitioner or a piercer is pretty cheap(less than $100)


Not to be pendantic but it wasn’t a recall

It was a safety notice

There is a difference



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I used this one, Says ‘11P’ on the blade, Be safe.


This can not be stressed enough. Ask anyone that’s done self installs and they’ll all tell you they’ve had vasovagal responses. I passed out and then was puking for 6 or 7 hours after I did an x-series in my forearm. Getting something done to me isn’t bad at all, but whenever I do any work it is an awful experience.

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True. I felt a bit sick doing a finger install, no puking but I still had to drink a glass of juice to get through it and keep going. For that reason and many others have someone with you even if you’re the one doing the job. It helps mentally and physically.

Everyone is different, Personally I’ve never had those responses, As I was installing my FlexEM recently I wondered why I don’t have those responses, I think it’s a mind over matter thing and having done all my own installs/removals.

I can definitely agree here to a degree. The more comfortable I am with an install the better I feel after.

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I’ve self installed all of mine. Id say its less painful than being at the hospital and getting the needle put in the hand for fluids.

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Absolutely, small needles are much worse. The anesthetic ones are also worse than an x-series imo

Depends on who’s using em, you get someone real good and they’re painless. The 25-21g used for phlebotomy aren’t too bad, the 16-21g used for IVs are a little tougher to use without pain. I found the x-series to be more painful than most, but nothing unbearable by any means.

I think what makes them worse to me is the injection of a liquid. In the case of the anesthetic I’ve used it kinda burns and stings

Ah yeah when used for local anesthetic the needle is typically inserted straight up and down that more punctures the skin, rather than a shallow angle that slices the skin when being used intravenously. That can hurt significantly more for sure

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