Scar reduction ideas?

Hey all
Just curious if anyone has some good ideas on scar lightening?

My hand looks like I got in a fight with a lazy honey badger, and I’d love it to look less so

The redder one in l0 is my exit wound from a removal and a removal attempt.

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There are SO many scar creams and gels out there and since everyone heals differently they also scar differently. The different creams and gels would likely perform differently from person to person.

Here is the one I use:
SkinMedica Scar Recovery Gel, 2 Oz

It’s a bit more costly but it’s what we had on hand (if you will). Recommended to my wife by her plastic surgeon for her implant scars.

I’ve currently only been using it off and on for a few weeks now. Today makes day 42 since my procedure but I feel like the scar is fading along nicely.


“from a removal and a removal attempt”
Nothing to look into there!

I’ve read that short term UVC exposure treatments during wound recovery after the skin has closed can stimulate healing factors already present and reduce the discoloration of scars.

Personally I like my scars and I wouldn’t want to mitigate or remove them. We’re 4th dimensional beings :clock830::clock1030::clock1130: and our scars tell the story.


I have no implants, so take what I say however you will. I am also not into Scarification.

My left hand has 4 darker marks, 7 light scars.

My right hand has 9 light scars.

My forearms have scars all over the place.

I don’t worry about them. They fade, and I forget about most of them.

Left forearm I count 8 light scars and one dark one in that photo.

Right pinky, I don’t forget about that one.


I’ve used 2 different silicone creams in the past. One worked incredibly well and the other one not at all. I don’t remember the names but my point is try multiple if it’s in your budget, they are not consistent at all.

Is there a way to reduce scars that are older than a decade? Although it’s not as easy to think about getting small scars removed, one of the largest ones I have is related to something that has been a massive part of my life and I really enjoy.

I have to be honest and make fun of myself, I didn’t see the pinky in this picture for a second and thought the background was your skin…

First I was like :


Then I was like @ myself

In a constructive topic, I’ve heard about massaging to help soften scar tissue

I wonder what dry needling with a tattoo gun could do, or possibly with silicone scar cream


Well, :rofl:

Somebody else made a post to revive this. Then it got reported. Then deleted. And I didn’t know why…
So as I was last guy standing I deleted mine. But I’ll retype it.

When I was a kid I got bit by a dog on the mouth. He tore my lower lip off. All but about 1/2".

They stitched it back on with 160+ stitches.

I used the vitamin E liquid capsules you take as a supplement and rubbed it on the lip for the scar. For months. Once or twice a day.

You can’t even see it anymore I think. On the outside. You can still feel the scars on the inside.

So I’d recommend that. If you have time and patience. It’s pretty cheap. And easy.

And I think it’d work with older scars.
Depending on the size I guess?

Also I’ve seen some pretty cool tattoos that incorporate the scars I to them. But I guess scars can tattoo funny, so you may need a really good artist. But that wasn’t the question… Haha.

And I did the same on the picture. Lol. I thought the background was the skin at first :rofl:

Necro thread.

What an ironic way to relive the past.

Since this topic, I have learned to love my scars. They tell a nice story of my journey.
Also, they cleared up nice with just time


Having quite a lot of scars, I can say most of them fade over the years - a different skin texture remains, but the colour usually becomes very discreet. That being said, I am pale myself, and genetics-wise, my scars don’t really get very hypertrophic (that’s actually annoying when trying to get nice, three dimensional scarifications…).

When I had my first subdermal implant done, my artist recommended Kelofibrase cream - I massage it into the scar twice a day for some weeks, starting a day after the sutures are out, and I think it does a good job. That being said, I don’t really care about the scars being visible or not :wink:

Some of my tattoos are on some of my scars, and it looks like it made no real difference. The scars were pretty old, though - my tattooist said they should be at least one year old before getting tattoed across them.

Normally I agree, I love most of my scars, tons of funny little stories attached to most, little badges of honor

but sometimes scars can have some pretty heavy baggage attached to them also

Imagine having a prominent scar that’s more or less always visible to yourself and others, that is from your greatest Trauma / failure / insert negative emotion

And then not only seeing it yourself but having people bring it up

I’ve got 2 one on both side of my wrist, and one on my nice bald head, both of which I would be glad to be rid of or reminded of


I can totally understand that. It’s a tough one while it is tied to a shitty situation coming out on the other side is more or less a thumbing your nose at the situation.

To each his own I understand.


Rereading this, sounds like I am belittling your trauma- I am not. I have no idea what your path looks like.

Your good, not taking it like that

I’m also not belittling your outlook… my comment came off heavier than I meant

Was just trying to illustrate there could be decent reasons to want a scar gone beyond looking flawless lol