Scar reduction ideas?

Hey all
Just curious if anyone has some good ideas on scar lightening?

My hand looks like I got in a fight with a lazy honey badger, and I’d love it to look less so

The redder one in l0 is my exit wound from a removal and a removal attempt.

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There are SO many scar creams and gels out there and since everyone heals differently they also scar differently. The different creams and gels would likely perform differently from person to person.

Here is the one I use:
SkinMedica Scar Recovery Gel, 2 Oz

It’s a bit more costly but it’s what we had on hand (if you will). Recommended to my wife by her plastic surgeon for her implant scars.

I’ve currently only been using it off and on for a few weeks now. Today makes day 42 since my procedure but I feel like the scar is fading along nicely.


“from a removal and a removal attempt”
Nothing to look into there!

I’ve read that short term UVC exposure treatments during wound recovery after the skin has closed can stimulate healing factors already present and reduce the discoloration of scars.

Personally I like my scars and I wouldn’t want to mitigate or remove them. We’re 4th dimensional beings :clock830::clock1030::clock1130: and our scars tell the story.


I have no implants, so take what I say however you will. I am also not into Scarification.

My left hand has 4 darker marks, 7 light scars.

My right hand has 9 light scars.

My forearms have scars all over the place.

I don’t worry about them. They fade, and I forget about most of them.

Left forearm I count 8 light scars and one dark one in that photo.

Right pinky, I don’t forget about that one.