Scar tissue from finger tip magnet

I have seen some posts about removing scar tissue when removing finger magnets.

I am considering the implications of doing a xG3 v2 in a finger tip.

Does anyone have long term sensitivity where an implant once was?

I wont even ask why…

I’m a complete noob but I believe it’s just when magnets fail, like there was a nasty reaction in your finger and the body tried to protect itself by growing scar tissue?

I haven’t heard many reports of nerve deadening. I had a spot with two failed magnets removed from it and I actually have increased enervation there, even more sensitive than my other finger pads. @Coma
would also be able to weigh in on sensitivity around scar tissue. You should be fine.

Although personally I wouldn’t do that. A large lifting magnet in the fingertip seems like a lot of risk for little gain compared to putting it elsewhere.

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I would wait for another titan batch for a finger magnet.

You will most likely find no professional installer who will install it in your finger, just because it is so big, and there are lots of risks - and you really should think twice about a fingertip self install…

I definitly would not do it again!


The next wave of x-series finger magnet install failures should hit around now though, has been almost like 3 months since the last one :o

No plans for self install, my brother is an ER RN at the level 1 trauma hospital here.

Got the finger tip idea from the “sensing” magnet people. It just seems the finger location has the most dexterity to use/manipulate it.

I had a reptile shred one of my fingers and the scar tissue still hurts 20 years later. I would prefer to not intentionally add some sensitivity to my finger tip for a few years of magnet fun.

Strange, somehow… I know one of the reasons of sensing magnets losing strength is scarring, and yet, lots my own scars feel a bit more sensitive, not less.
My scarification is feeling really nice, more sensitive, but in a very positive way - though it’s still relatively fresh (7.5 months now), and that might change over time. But I have several older scars as well, and none of them has decreased sensitivity at all… some are a bit more sensitive, some are feeling the same as “normal” skin.
Dunno if that’s of any help :smile:

I have a scar on my right pinky.

It is around fifty years old, and it is at least as sensitive as the rest of my fingers. I don’t know that it is necessarily more sensitive, but is definitely not less sensitive.

The only way I could imagine scarring making a magnetic less sensitive is if scar tissue built up around the magnet itself deadening the movement of the magnet itself.

doggo for scale


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His name is Blue.


I just installed a xG3 V1 in my middle finger on my left hand last night. It was difficult for sure.

I need to sit down and write up several things from the last week and a half. Maybe later today.