School Business Project

Hi, my name is Andy
I have a school business project. As a subject I choose Tattoo+Piercing salon and Biohacking services. I have to understand what price should I pay for kind for a “starter kit” and if there is an opportunity to get a discount on massive orders

So, I guess I have to purchase xLed, R/W kit, Field detectors, KBR1, Access Controller for starters.
And then I’d need as many Sparks & NeXT kits as many potentially interested costumers are in my city
Is there another essential purchase I’d have to made to be able to help people become hacked? Or maybe you have a “young businessman kit” just for my needs?
Do you provide a discount on a 100 items order? 500 items?
What’s the shipping cost to get my order to Prague?
Thank you

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To get you started

Did you look on the dangerous things website? You can actually buy bundles

Also, if you wanted to add to you project, you could ask about distributorship or becoming an installation partner etc.
Or both.
Have a look at digiwell and Ksec solutions as examples in Europe.
@mdanger could probably help you out with theoretical pricing

Good luck

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Yes, I took a look at their bundles, that’s where I got the names of essentials from. Just making sure that’s all I need to get started
And actually yes, my goal is to distribute and to become an installation partner. You just worded it in a better way
Thanks for the EU distib examples, though

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