Scuba diving and implants

I’m an avid scuba diver and while there isn’t much physical trauma I was curious if the extra atmospheres or pressure would be a problem. I know they are encased in glass, is there any air inside the capsule?

Definitely check out the testing faq post … there is a small amount of air in there but we’ve put these products through severe tests, including pressure vessle testing.

Great link, and thanks for the quick reply! Max recreational diving depth is 130 feet which has a pressure of 3900+ mbars so I guess if I want to know the answer I’ll have to buy one and take it down with me.

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Yep that will work just fine. One of the tests we didn’t put on the list… one because we didn’t get any photos of it, and that’s because… well… we weren’t supposed to use the pressure vessel in the lab we were visiting for this purpose… but we cranked it up to 6 bar, which is 6000mbar of course… so I really don’t think rec diving is going to be an issue… but by all means if you can take it down to 130’ depth and take some photos, I’d be happy to add that to our test list :slight_smile:

I’m a certified Advanced OW diver. Didn’t even think about my implant being an issue. I’ve hit that 130ft (40m) mark a few times, as I specialized in Depth Diving. I might be a little annoyed if my xM1+ shatters on a dive. :roll_eyes:
I’ll just be mindful not to hit my hand on anything. :ok_hand: