Secret project requires nfc nerd knowledge

During my time off making games I’ve been pulling my hair out on a side project. Something that I think this community is going to love but that I don’t want to spoil to much until I get solid results.

Anyway after a week of magic and gradle errors I’m able to get a Unity android build to run low level native nfc code and retrieve the data.
A unity plugin that to my knowledge did not exist yet (there are a couple around that only allow to read/write ndefs but nothing more).

Now I’ve come to the point where I’m sending byte commands to tags which I’m doing for the first time. I’m able to dump the entire content of a type 2 tag by brute force sending a read command for every possible block number :sweat_smile: which I’m pretty sure is not the proper way.

Anyways I’m looking for someone who knows the commands and memory structure for common tags. They would either code the java plugin side directly or define the procedure so that I can implement it quick.
This way I will be able to focus on the part I’m better at which is the Unity side of things. (I assume a proxmark expert would fit the description).

I will obviously give more details to anyone interested!
Fun right? Anyone?

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Check the chip documentation! The ntag chips support a version command (0x60 I think) and also a fastread command that can get 16 bytes at a time… forget the command code for that … but it’s all in the documentation linked on the NExT or xNT product page.

Other chips use different commands.

Once you get into smart cards and type 4 chips that work with APDUs it gets … different. Not more difficult but just different.

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Thanks! I’m learning everyday about tag tech. Today I just sent my first command :grin:
The thing is that with the scope of the project I really need to focus on the Unity side of things. The android side is not my forte but I can kinda deal with. But figuring out all the ncf protocols and specs on top of that is too much for my two braincells on a Saturday :sob:

So far I have established proof of concept for the features I wasn’t confident would be possible which is awesome!

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Hey everyone, turns out Equipter is not available so if anyone wants to contribute the project is open :wink::crossed_fingers: