Seeking Advice or Resources for Cloning HF RIFD fobs/card

Hi all,

I’m new to this stuff but recently I just got my hand on the Proxmark 3 easy device running Iceman Firmware and learned how to clone LF key fobs.

Now that I have never had any knowledge about this kind of stuff before but really eager to learn. Is there any tutorial or learning resource to clone HF keys like HID iclass, iclass se, iclass seos or Mifare?

Also, I would like to confirm my understanding that t5577 chip is compatible with any 125khz fobs
and the 13.56mhz mifare can be use for replacing iclasses card?

Thank you in advance.

The t5577 is a very capable chip and can emulate many common cards, but there are still some rarer LF (125khz) tags that it won’t be able to emulate

13.56mhz mifare is a broad category, so you will need to narrow it down a little more to figure out a chip that will work for you, this may be a good place to start for iClass chips:

Plus a PM3 primer:


Thank you for the information provided.

I’m trying to duplicate my HID iclass se. Will probably need to lookup the discussion post if there is any previous one regarding this.


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