Segway eScooters with NFC Lock

Hey all,

I recently saw that a few of the new Segway scooters in the P series, the P65 and P100s, have NFC cards to tap and unlock with. This caught my attention for implants and went looking. I found a Reddit thread where someone got NFC bracelets to unlock their scooters with,

I looked and those bracelets are using ISO 14443A chips. Does anyone know which implants would be compatible with this scooter? I have a feeling it’s the xMagic and Mifare tags, but I could be wrong.

I have the Apex Flex. Would it be possible with that chip or do I need an xMagic too?


Short answer; Apex can’t emulate a mifare chip. You’ll need an xMagic.


I figured so. I’ve always wanted one anyways :smiley: Just another reason to get more upgradded!

Longer Answer (Since Amal sniped me)

Well, Quite a few of the HF implants use ISO14443A

The ApexFlex doesn’t mention it on the store, but if you scan it with TagInfo, you see

There may well be more to it than the protocol, but to confirm, the bracelet he used was a Mifare Classic 1k

Here’s the link

HECERE IC ISO 14443A RFID Silicone Wristband/Bracelet UID Changeable Sector0 Block0 Rewritable(Pack of 5)


Yes you are correct, xMagic, FlexM1, FlexMT

I read it ( reddit ) and the dude just used the dreaded White Cloner.

Basically the easiest way is to copy the card onto an xMagic

Yeah, you really should, its a great implant

of course
You could also TRY and use the Apex, and IF it is compatiable, it MAY read a little easier, BUT you’ll need to figure out HOW to enroll a new “Card”