Self implant - Wish you knew

To those who installed their own x-series chips, is there anything you wish you knew beforehand that would’ve made things easier or safer? Nothing in particular, just anything you learnt from your experiences.

I think I have a good enough understanding now but the more knowledge the better.

I will say, I have to resort to self implanting as I’ve found no one in my city or nearby that is willing to implant for me. No piercers or such artists, no doctors or surgeries both cosmetic and private.

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lube. i dunno if dt’s injectors come prelubed, i didn’t have any issues with my xNT in '17, but doing my xSIID last year was quite a bitch. didn’t even know medical lube was a thing til a few months ago


That’s too steep, theirs a feeling that makes you want to angle down as if your doing in this is obviously not the case.

How hard it is mentally to stab yourself, i’ve found if i watch myself do it its very hard don’t know why just is where as if i set up my webcam and watch the screen it is much easier.


Eat a good meal beforehand (1-2 hours). Have a sugar snack on hand. Don’t need you passing out.


If you can get a friend to help you tent the skin, it will be much smoother going! I didn’t have anyone assist with mine and it definitely would have been easier if someone else had been helping me keep my skin tented instead of using a hemostat. You get much better grip and elevation with fingertips and it’s easier to feel what anatomical structures are in the area and it’s really important to the speed and ease of getting the needle where it needs to be.

I know other people on this forum have said it but I was still surprised by how difficult the initial insertion was. Once the needle was in past the bevel, it was pretty easy going. It wasn’t even particularly a mental thing for me, it’s just thick skin with good elasticity to it.

If you don’t have experience using hypodermic needles, it’s good to look up basic needle safe sterile practice - don’t uncap until you’re fully prepped to use it, don’t touch it by the tip while uncapping (or at any other point, haha), needles dull significantly after puncturing skin even once, etc.


Especially for P0, it is absolutely easier than you think it is - just don’t go too deep. So that’s somewhat relieving. DO THIS POSITION FIRST.

Other positions on the top of the hand are likely to bleed a lot more as well - not worryingly, but much much more than P0.

Understand that once you start you pretty much have to keep going, so be ready to commit to it. You don’t want to break the sterility of the needle and implant only to give up.

Go deeper than just the length of the implant - at least half a cm, probably more - I think there are recommendations for this somewhere.

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Self implant dont mean solo implant never do it alone


Yes, I wish I knew of the local piercing shop and have them perform the procedure instead :slight_smile:

According to your profile, you’re in Brisbane. According to the map, there is a DT partner studio in Sydney, is traveling there not an option?



Australia is huge, Brisbane and Sydney are about 10rs by car (one way) or 1.5hrs by plane.

I’m not sure where they are at currently, but with covid, the Australian states have been locked down for travel between.

But locally in Brisbane

@fraggersparks is a local and may have some more suggestions, including a $1000 plastic surgeon

Also @vampire_blue is a Melbournite but I think Uni in Brissy??? and might have some more for ya

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The piercing urge does X implants the cheapest, But piercing HQ does more advanced stuff like flex devices.

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Since this threads been split, I thought I’d copy what I said about getting implants in Brisbane / Queensland, Australia with The Piercing Shop:

I thought I’d just jump in and give some thoughts, since I have been to The Piercing Shop twice, and have gotten two implants there two weeks ago.

They do kinda do implants… fragger and I have both gotten implants there, xseries for myself, flex for fragger. Only one piercer is willing though, and some of the trainees / receptionists / assistants work under the unwilling one, so it can be interesting to get an appointment. Best thing to do is give them a call.

Feel free to DM me if you have any issues!

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I haven’t booked yet by my implants got here today. (Woot!)

I’ll ask the piercer when I go in of they’re willing to put themself on the installer locations map. Then people in brissie won’t have trouble delving into these threads to find someone.

Uh, that’s a bit low of an estimate. You’ll need to stop. So more like 12-14. Also if it’s joeltrons shop, he’s stepped back significantly due to legislative changes being in the works.

Piercing Shop is very good. They’ll happily do x-series in Brisbane, and flex if it can be needle installed

Yeah as above

Ensure you book. They’re busy af with school holidays. You’re after Jackie. She will do implants. Anna won’t.