Self install help skinny hands

i just purchased the xNT NFC Tag [NTAG216] but im very worried i may not be able to get in as im very very skinny im 27 years old i only weigh 4 and half stones as i suffer from muscular dystrophy so hardly any fat at all on me i can just about manage to get a pinch of skin on hand but my main worry is my veins are very very close by i dont wanna end up going through my vein with the needle also if the chip sits next to my vein touches it will it be a problem as you can see my veins are very close by and the chip will defo touch my veins

Maybe you should consider to go to a piercing studio and get it done as long as your not skilled. If you do it yourself, get a clamp. There are some around on amazon.

thanks for your reply my friend whos a nurse has offered to help me out with doing it do u think it will cause a problem if the chip constantly touches my vein and sits right next to my vein im so skinny that my veins pop through my skin i can see every vein and they very close by i need to get it into like a 4mm wide space gap thats the best spot i can find for it where i can just about manage to get a pinch of skin anywhere else i have no chance as the chip will be touching my bone and i cant pinch enough skin to inject in im thinking i might even have to make a incision and put it in none of the piercing studios here will even dream of giving it a go cos of what the law here is like its just not worth it for em specially cos i have a disability they just become more afraid

Yeah, definitely consider an alternative install. Incision and dermal lift is a good option. Where are you located? What city?

from uk city is bradford

I asked because I’m in London at the moment and might be able to assist… but that seems a bit far.

yes its about 4 hours away and ive asked few people but they not willing to help so im really stuck at moment