Hey! So I just self installed my xG3 and my xSIID (yolo) and I haven’t tried to scan my xSIID yet. Is it ok to try? Or should I just leave the site alone? I’m just so anxious to see if it’s working

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Youll likely not be able to scan it anyways, maybe once then not anymore for some days. Swelling and blood will block the light for some days to weeks… check it in 14 days.

Lol this makes a lot of sense now. Right after I put the g3 in, I stuck a keychain to it with ease. Then I did it again like 15 min later and it wouldn’t stay. Prob bc of the swelling.

Yeah just leave it alone, it will just take longer to heal if you play with it.



Thank you! Glad to be here! Everyone has been so helpful and friendly!