Self-installed Vivokey Spark 2


This morning I woke up and out some coffee on and took a shower, got out, had a cup of coffee and started reading some articles about body Augmentation like usual.

I’ve had my Vivokey Spark 2 for almost 5 months and yet, I still haven’t found a body modification Artist to implant it between my index finger and thumb. I live in Sacramento, CA so I find it very odd that I still haven’t out anyone to do the procedure.

So, I looked over the printable PDFs meant for professionals and I decided to implant this Vivokey myself.

Success! It didn’t hurt one bit, just felt a burning sensation whilst pulling the needle out after depressing the chip all the way inside of my hand. I put the supplied gauze over the injection site and once it had stopped bleeding, I wiped the area again with the provided cleanser (forgot the name, sorry!) And bandaged it right up.

I did this at 8:27AM PST and it’s now 13:31. There’s no pain or discomfort, no loss of feeling or movement, and it reads and writes just splendidly!

Thank you DangerousThings for providing the kit and injection assembly with a manual for professional installation, and Vivokey for producing just an interesting and beautiful technological implant.

I’m now addicted to biohacking, even moreso than before and I’d love to know what other think I should get next! I’d love to get one that I can put custom firmware on though, for sure!


Welcome to the community! Congratulations on your install! Spark 2 is an excellent choice for a first implant.



Yes, Get the NExT implant
The NExT is my personal favourite, dual frequency, Emulator Chip and a bit of NDEF storage…, however since you said

If you are referring to Java applets, You might be in the market for a DESFire

And you might also consider an Apex when they are available, in the mean time you could get yourself a Fidesmo developer card
And you’ll need the Fidesmo app. and to learn how to develop on them…

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Thank you for all of the recommendations and links! I’ll definitely check these out!

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