Selling a used Titan?

Soo, I just wanted to check what you folks thoughts about the possibility of selling used implants are?

I got a Titan a year or something ago, put it in my leg when I was bored.

My partner likes to archive floppy disks (among other media) and she kinda said that I should stay clear of any un-archived floppies she got, with my leg, for fear of disturbing the delicate floppy data (she have special hardware that can read otherwise hard-to-read floppies) and it got me thinking.

Anyway, in a time of APEX and Java Card implants and that magnets are not my thing at all, I’m thinking of the possibility to sell my Titan, used of course.

Being a Titanium electronics-free implant I assume it’s a bit easier to sterilize, I’m I right?
I haven’t bought a autoclave yet so I don’t have any means of that myself, but I guess some people do?

What would the “etics”, or quirks of selling a implanted-de-implanted… err implant be?

I also still got some unimplanted DT implants I haven’t got round to putting in, do people actually buy implants from other people?

I personally have used implants that i got from other people at home and i think several other people here also dont have an issue with getting a Titan with some history to it.

But NEVER autoclave magnets - they will loose their magnetism (it will decrease alot)

I would buy it myself if I wasn’t in financial trouble


The heat from an autoclave will ruin the magnet I think.

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I think used implants are playing with fire,

I’m not saying you shouldn’t be able to sell them, but I don’t think it should be something public facing

Regardless of the safety, the naysayers of biohacking would have a literal field day with knowing people are implanting previously used implants

Amal is already trying to distance DT from self installs, and vivokey is trying really hard to make everything look very professional

The image of the community matters…. I think those kind of sales should be either behind closed doors or disguised


I see.

Good to know, I think I should turn that point into putting a bit more oomph behind my own plans to create my own implants so I can be fully independent if things turn darker.

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Idk about everyone else. But i just wouldnt buy a used one.

Sure, have one still in the pack? I would buy that.

I have only ever put in one implant that was used. It was my dogs RFID chip, amd i was weirded out still. I even let it soak in clorhexadine for a year first.

Step 1: Acquire used implant
Step 2: Acquire bloodborne illness
Step 3: ???
Step 4: Profit


Well thats whats sterilization is for, or do you think all surgery equipment at hospitals are brand new or discard-after-use?


Well, i used to work down in the operating rooms, and hung out with the people who did this stuff.

A majority of stuff is one time use now. Even if they are metal.

The stuff they re use, gets more than a soaking in clorhexidine, they get steam autoclaved at dumb hot temps along with a scrub down in some chemical.

The titan can not go through the same sterilization techniques without losing some of its “power”

Ive seen friends (old friends) share needles and when i was in the army, i watched people share razors.

I even got a tattoo with a dirty needle in the middle of Afghanistan.

I personally just wont risk those things anymore.

Sheesh, The amount of people on here afraid of used equipment/implants is quite interesting, I’m not afraid of used stuff, If I lived in Europe I would buy it.

Ok, I’m not well read about the specifics of the Titan but I did assume that there would be a way to sterilize it without damaging the implant, how else would it be sterile when new on delivery? Don’t gas work on the Titan? Of course I wouldn’t just dip a used implant in chlorhexidine and then implant it again, but I did assume there’s some other process, if not I agree, it would be stupid to implant a used one if there’s no way to actually properly sterilize it.

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This is no medical advice… but just dropping it in any solution is not sufficent.

there can be microscopic blood particles that wont just dissolve away and below them there is still bacteria and stuff alive.

It really needs a good brush and polish.

Don’t gas work on the Titan?

oh yea, EO gas is used professionally for stuff but u dont wanna play around with that stuff at home i think :smiley: :fire:


Didnt @amal start offering a resterilisation service?


For flexies, not sure about magnets though.


Dangerous Things works hard to maintain chain of custody. This is why we don’t accept returns of implants back into inventory… even unopened ones.

Inherently there are ways to properly clean and resterilize implants like Titan magnets. It’s not difficult.

The problem arises when you create a social contract by selling it. Cleaning your own implant and putting it back into yourself is one thing, but selling something introduces a whole new set of cognitive problems that arise if anything happens… and I mean anything. Questions start to form… was it actually sterile? Were there any toxins left on it because it wasn’t properly cleaned?

The thing about sterilization is that it’s not sufficient to make something safe. Let’s consider what happens when bacteria form a colony… they usually create a biofilm to shield themselves, and then they start producing waste. That waste can include a lot of things like neurotoxins and other terrible things. If you sterilize something that had a bacterial colony on it, you might kill the bacteria… But you may not have done anything to remove the toxins they produced. Even small amounts of certain toxins produced by some kinds of common bacteria can be lethal, even in very small doses… So in theory, it’s possible to successfully sterilize something and put it in and still die from it.

This is why it’s pretty dumb to do something like take a bunch of dirty water and boil it and then consider it sterile and inject it. In the olden days, this kind of thing would be done quite a bit. Maybe not actual injection but use of pretty gross things that have been “sterilized”, only to find that the patient or person using that stuff would get a fever and sometimes die. The fever was not from infection, it was from something left in the water or material called pyrogens… Literally called that because of the fever.

I do offer I sterilization service, this uses gas plasma which is safe for magnets. I also do some cleaning processes with alcohol before running the sterilization process. Considering what I just said though, I should actually remove the service and never do that for anyone. In fact that might be happening soon enough… but for the short-term, if somebody wanted to send their magnet back for sterilization I would put it into the rotation with other product batches, and return it as clean and sterile as I could possibly make it.


That kinda sucks… but I get why it might need to go that direction

I supported the concept of re-sterilization for certain situations

Rejected or infection causing the need for removal and then heal, or needing to be removed for a medical reason

So that people aren’t “out” on something or face a large financial loss or have to choose between loosing an implant or having certain imagining done

I hope it’s possible to keep it online for vetted situations maybe

The alternative, re-sterilizing to sell… seems needlessly reckless to “save a buck” for the potential buyer

And which while still a financial motivation… has a very different after taste than a “damage control” option


Yeah I’m confident I can clean and sterilize a person’s own product safely. It’s about the “what ifs” … but I suppose this is the same risk as selling the initial product in the first place. For now I’ll keep the sterilization service up.


As a thought,

From the perspective of trying to keep DT safe, but also keep things on the table

So don’t shoot the messenger you more radical grinders lol

Perhaps raising the BASE price of the sterilization, to the point that it negates any “savings” of buying an implant second hand

100$ something ish for a xSIID
Someone might try to sell a used one for say 50$
If you charge say 60 to sterilize it… it defeats the point

You could be free to discount this of course if you felt the situation was more trustworthy

or could validate the reason it needed to be taken out or refund/credit when they reinstall it, though this tastes a bit like forcing/pressuring someone into an implant and I don’t like that taste

Basically… pull an apple… I feel dirty for suggesting it, but it does kinda work in this situation


Is there a process that does remove all of these toxins? Or is it one of those “99.9% of all” cases like you see on anti bacterial chemicals

I mean, you’re not reselling the implants. You’re just giving the person the best chance to have a sterile implant and returning it to them. If they decide to sell it used to someone who is uninformed of the risks that’s entirely out of your control. They could have just sold it used without consulting you at all.

You shouldn’t pull the service out of fear of that outcome. It’s providing a net positive impact because most people don’t have access to something as powerful as gas plasma sterilization.