Selling a used Titan?

For objects, sure just wash them. Soap and water works great. Removing that stuff from solution is very difficult… filtering and deionization for water… osmosis membranes can do a good job too.


Yeah, it seems these things… Are a little… Dangerous…


Anyway, either way I still want to remove the implant for my partners archiving of floppy’s sake.

I mean it’s cool that it’s med grade titanium so I can just keep it, put it in a frame or something and hang on the wall so I can say “that has been inside of me” when I have visitors.

I had to fight for 8 years to get the right over my own body in the eyes of the state, a small button of titanium is a piece of cake compared.


You know the situation and details better than us, but being in your leg seems like a stretch that it would damage floppy disks

…unless your pull a Scrooge Mcduck and rolling around in flippy disks?

I’m sure someone smarter and more technical with magnets can speak up… but the inverse square law or whatever… the power of a magnet get a lot weaker for every bit of distance you add

Your probably need to be very close to a flippy to mess it up

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