Selling again Access kit

So, selling the Access kit again, prrviously got confused with paypal offers, so got mad and leave it. Now i selling again and wil send u trough my local Mail post.
In the box nothing touched.
1.xEM Access Controller v2
2.Dangerous KBR1 RFID Reader
3.X Field Detector 2vnt 13.56MHz ir 125KHz
4.RFID Diagnostic Card
The Original price would be 120euro.
50€ is the price. Shippment included.
My paypal send me a message there too.

How much do you want for it?

Are you buying?

No, I’m in California. Seeing as the price is in Euros I’m guessing shipping wouldn’t be worth it

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Nobody interested? XD pls need cash fast.

What you have is worth around USD$115 when purchased individually
Most people here will already have, most of those items anyway through their various implant purchases, and Most of the items come “free” with an implant purchase or Bundle, which ( I GUESS ) a number of people get for their first purchase at least.

So although you are selling them at close to 1/2 price, I think your market is quite small…but good luck with it

Anyone interested?

Anyone interested? Now for 50euros. Shippment included.

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I could be interested. Where are you shipping from?

I believe Lithuania

From lithuania

To anywhere

I sent you an email, get back to me there and we’ll discuss details :handshake:t3:

Sold to leka.

Awesome, If you don’t mind, Ill nuke this thread

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