Selling dormakaba evolo smart NFC doorlocks

Im selling two high-quality eurocylinder doorlocks from dormakaba which are proved work with xDF2 (this is specific for unit 1430, the newer ones don’t work with xDF2, i guess because of antenna size/form)

One is a double-cylinder inner 30mm outer 35mm (changeable), second is a half-cylinder 30/10mm for padlocks, garages, mailboxes,…

They are servicelevel 2, so they’re integratable in enterprise systems with proper software.

Electronic unit of both is no. 1430 (RFID only)

If you take both, you get battery changing tool and programmingcard for free.

400,- each, by wire transfer (can provide local account-data for many counties) or (prefered!) crypto (BTC,ETH,XMR)