Selling on Tindie anyone?

Hello y’all

Im thinking about making a Tindie store to put a few projects I made (mostly the PM3 circular antenna). It seams like it has a good way to manage inventory and options and get feedback about what people want that’s out of stock …

Anyone use it to sell things?
What’s your experience?
Anything to note, good or bad?



I’ve been purchasing items on Tindie for a few years. It’s like the Etsy of electronics. I’m not a seller but I’ve always had a good experience. It’s an awesome site.

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I used to sell stuff on Tindy… It was okay. The fact they only work with PayPal put the nail in that coffin after PayPal hates innovation - DT Info - Dangerous Things Forum


PayPal screwed DT over hard … I’m not fund of their policy … I transfer everything out of it as soon as I can …

Making a small website/web store would be interesting, but I 'm thinking for the few things I have it may be easier/cheaper/faster to use something like Tindie, at least for now …

If you want to have a stash of the PM3 antenna board, I’m happy to get some for your store :yum:
(I don’t have the capability to make the complete antenna but a “byoa kit” would be possible :grin:)

yeah that sounds interesting for sure! we can talk about purchasing components and possibly doing assembly here, or arranging a small manufacturing run and paying a sort of royalty for the design. always happy to work things out with people :slight_smile:

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Ooh like a makers market section of DT store!

No implants, just stuff - there are a few projects running around the forums that I’d love to get my grubby little hands on


I like the idea :+1:

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